A Higher Down Payment for a Lower Interest Rate


The Boise River Lending professionals are committed to helping clients make the right steps to obtain the best-possible mortgage interest rates. By securing a lower interest rate for your home loan, you could potentially save thousands over the term of your mortgage. One common way to lower your rate is by paying more up front… [Read More]

What is a VA IRRRL?


VA IRRRL: Long-Term Savings Await We all wants the best rates possible when it comes to our mortgage. Did you know that if you have a VA loan, there’s a streamlined option to refinance and save money long term? A VA interest rate reduction refinance loan (VA IRRRL) is a special refinancing option only available… [Read More]

The Benefits of Seller’s Concessions

New Family Home

Did you know that you can save substantially at the closing of a new home when you incorporate seller’s concessions in your contract? Here, we’ll explain how these agreements work and how you can use them to ease the burden of costs when buying a home. At Boise River Lending, our lending experts are knowledgeable about… [Read More]


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